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ECOterra Energy uses renewable materials for upgrades whenever and wherever it is possible to do so. With today’s attention on sustainability and renewables, most products used in upgrading energy-efficiency in buildings have sustainable, green versions available.
Using natural, sustainable products creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in a commercial building and contributes to the aesthetics while minimizing any guilt about further impacting the environment.
Products such as sustainable bamboo or wood flooring installed over a radiant heating system, or double or triple-glazed windows manufactured to high sustainability standards make these options very attractive.
Sustainable Green Energy and Materials

The availability of renewable materials that can be integrated into upgrading the energy-efficiency of your commercial building is extensive. ECOterra Energy is here to guide you to which of these myriad green products works best for your situation.

Almost every energy-saving protocol we practice can be retro-commissioned into an existing building by ECOterra Energy Consulting, drastically improving the building’s performance, savings, comfort and aesthetics.

Here are the areas ECOterra Energy analyzes for potential savings:

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Read more about ECOterra Energy Consulting

Read more about ECOterra Energy Consulting:


ECOterra Energy Consulting has a mission that springs from the basic premise of EFFICIENCY.


We created ECOterra Energy Consulting to provide building owners peace-of-mind in an ever-changing energy environment.

Our approach is unique in that we represent the building owner. We present, consult and sell energy-saving options.


Energy-efficiency and renewable materials are the cornerstone of ECOterra Energy Consulting’s philosophy.

We embrace cutting-edge technologies to better serve clients whether it is providing energy conservation or generation.


Click below to read about how ECOterra Energy Consulting  implemented state-of-the-art energy technologies to maximize energy savings and efficiencies for these New Mexico businesses.

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